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Interview: Fashion designer Alessandra Vicedomini

Interview: Fashion designer Alessandra Vicedomini

By Cassandra Tanti - September 17, 2019

Alessandra Vicedomini is a well-known personality in Monaco, respected for her ambition and style. She spoke to Monaco Lifeabout why she decided to leave the catwalk more than a decade ago to take over the Vicedomini family brand and how she has managed to turn it into the small fashion empire that it is today.

Alessandra Vicedomini

Monaco Life: The company Vicedomini began with your father in 1962. Tell us about the original tubino dress that went on to shape the company?

Alessandra: In the 1960s, the tubino was the essence of today’s “less is more” philosophy, meaning that a simple stitch assembling the two sides of the dress was so carefully made, that the dress would fit perfectly and would highlight the best of femininity and a body’s silhouette.

You were a professional model and worked with the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix and Dolce & Gabbana, to name but a few. Why did you decide to take on the family business rather than continue your modelling career?

When I started modelling at the age of 14, I of course also modelled for my father, learning a lot in his showrooms. But he wouldn’t give me any privilege, actually I was always the first to arrive, the last to leave, and the least paid. That was my first opportunity to have a 360 degree view of the business, on how collections were created, of how the commercial side of fashion was managed, and all the structure you need to coordinate to make it work.

It was an important seed that sat in my brain for over a decade. When I married and had kids in London in the early 2000s, I reduced the time that I was modelling and I naturally started designing capsule collections, as a “slow-down” schedule imposed upon my personal life.

When all wholesale clients and VIPs around Europe embraced my designs, it was a natural step to shift my modelling career into becoming a “more corporate” figure. I then decided to revisit the style and brand target, take over the creative direction and modernise the company format.

How have you shaped the brand since taking it over? 

I turned the well-known and renowned printed silk collections (more formal) into modern luxury and versatile luxury knitwear, to better suit today’s woman’s day to day fashion expression.

What makes Vicedomini unique? 

The fact that this type of knitwear is so well crafted and technically processed that it fits better than fabric. It is light and travels easy, yet fits like couture.

Where can people find Vicedomini fashion?

At either renowned multi-brand boutiques in Europe and the US, or at our exclusive world-wide trunk shows and private viewings.

What type of woman wears Vicedomini?

Confident, sexy, uber chic and very sophisticated, but practical and playful. All ages from 20 to 60 can wear the same design with a different twist.

You’ve been referred to as the reigning ‘Queen of Cashmere’? 

Yes, because I started my collections being known for my cashmere and fur vests… the most recognisable piece still today.

How does that title make you feel?

Blushing. Proud. Happy. A mix of everything. It’s a very good sensation, and I am very grateful to all ambassadors and clients who have contributed to this “label” of mine!

What is your relationship with Monaco? 

Monaco has always been a very important point of sale, crucial PR and event location for the brand thanks to the international and glamorous clientele living and passing by.

Talking about myself personally, I have amazing memories about holidays and events in Monaco since the age of 18.

Lately, I have been spending longer periods of time in Monaco and the idea of coming here more often makes me dream about moving here finally. Most of my friends live here, so stay tuned as the brand will soon disclose some very nice news for Monaco!

What is the future of Vicedomini? 

Vicedomini is looking into a big brand expansion through a worldwide business plan taking on international business partners

Finally, you will be taking Vicedomini to Milan Fashion Week this week and then Paris Fashion Week the following week. We are excited to reveal that you will be keeping Monaco Life Instagram followers up to date on all the excitement. Tell us about that…

Both Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks are the seasonal references unveiling next year’s new trends, colours, mood and attitude. It is so important for the public to get a feeling of what will be in the windows next season. For us, the sector’s operators, when the collection is out on the catwalk it is already old as we have conceived it, created it, tried it and finally shot it/put it on a runway one year later. When the fashion shows are on, we are already thinking of how to create something great for the next season! So being present at the fashion week is a mixture of confirming our fashion statements and testing the market response, along with the celebrities taste etc. I will be following my market clients (multi-brand boutique partners) orders, and participate in corporate dinners and photoshoots.

And yes, I will be sharing many pictures with Monaco Life social media followers along the way!


Monaco Life is pleased to announce that Alessandra Vicedomini will be writing about the fashion industry for us on an ongoing basis, beyond the upcoming fashion shows.
For more info about the Vicedomini brand, visit their website:



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