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An exclusive Hollywood première experience in your home or your yacht.

An exclusive Hollywood première experience in your home or your yacht.

By Agnes Budlewska - November 30, 2018

BEL AIR CINEMA delivers the unique experience of a private quality screening of Hollywood content in residential cinemas and IMAX private theatres worldwide.

If you have the means, you can treat yourself and your guests to the privilege of watching all major blockbusters in industry-approved formats, on or before the day of their release.

Belair cinema

You can experience the director’s cinematic vision, crafted for the big screen at the courtesy of your own living space, whether it’s your own home or a yacht.

The concept of BEL AIR CINEMA was born only three years ago to satisfy the needs in the market, explains Patrick Zucchetta, responsible for Business Development.

They currently operate in the Middle East, Switzerland, Germany, UK, USA, Monaco and on superyachts – with most customers being yacht owners in the Middle East. The commpany plans to double its reach in a short space of time to meet the demand.

If you already have existing private home cinema, a few modifications can be made to adopt BEL AIR CINEMA system.

BEL AIR CINEMA gives the privilege of watching the newest blockbusters:

  • as a première in the country of your residence
  • on the day of their release in your country

The relationship between BEL AIR CINEMA and its customers is simply built on trust. The service rendered is not available to the general public. It is tailor-made only for a highly selected group of private individuals.

Technical excellence

BEL AIR CINEMA ensures technical excellence in accordance to Hollywood Studios specifications. Audio is uncompressed and image reproduction is high fidelity.

Stunning colours will dazzle your eyes as they are counted in the billions, with lossless compression.

Technical details of the specifications are listed below:

  • Full support for 2K/4K, High Frame Rate & HDR projection
  • Exclusive content partner for IMAX Private Theatre
  • Compatible with the world’s best audio standards, including 5.1, 7.1, breath-taking Dolby Atmos, Barco Auro 13.1, and DTS object-based 3D audio systems
  • Content can be screened in all available locally subtitled and dubbed versions
  • Backed by their 24/7 concierge service and technical support via Partners of BEL AIR CINEMA (companies: IDEA WORKS which overlooks UK and Monaco based clients and BOND).

Typical screen sizes are 5m wide and 3m high (built in 1:4 ratio).

The bespoke platform, which is built to DCI standards, powers professional-grade cinema installations.

You can browse the movies via a dedicated, user-friendly iPad interface and, once you add the movie to your library, you can watch it as many times as you want within the window of your playback time (normally a month).

The platform can handle multiple user profiles, including kids’ accounts to restrict available content and guests’ accounts and it has built-in secured identification system.


Through its exclusive partnership with IMAX, BEL AIR CINEMA can proudly bring high-resolution, widescreen cinematography IMAX experience to your doorstep.

IMAX’s patented technology and the equipment used, will give you the best immersive experience, like no other. Their BAC-delivered Day-and-Date content sent direct to the network of IMAX Palais and Platinum Private Theatre installations, is available at the world’s most breath-taking private cinema spaces.

Bel Air Cinema

Can it get any better than this?

To put the cherry on the cake, BEL AIR CINEMA also has something for independent thinkers.

Are you more of a Nineties Nordic noir or indie movie fan? – BEL AIR CINEMA will help you to dive in the independent film world in style.

Their movie brokers will hunt down your desired film and find the right distributor to source the perfect version specially for you. 24/7 concierge service will always have your best interest and convenience at mind.

There is even more. Leading stage productions and stadium-filling live shows debut on screens internationally. Through the partnership with the major event organisers, BEL AIR CINEMA can get you opera, theatre, concerts of your choice, giving you the “setting that’s as private as you”.

You can have it all with BEL AIR CINEMA!

To learn more about BEL AIR CINEMA visit the website: or one of their showrooms located in Barcelona, London, Gstaad and Los Angeles.

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