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Ecohub at Stars’n’Bars

Ecohub at Stars’n’Bars

By Cassandra Tanti - June 2, 2016

On Tuesday morning Stars’n’Bars teased a small crowd with a short film to launch Monaco’s first community “Eco-Hub”…

Stars’n’Bars’ evolution from family restaurant to neighbourhood hub will take place over the next 12 months with the help of the Sustainable Design School in Nice, one of three such schools in the world.

Together, the restaurant’s use of space and resources will be completely redesigned because, as Kate and Didier, who founded the American-style eatery in 1993, explained, “We use less than 40 percent of our space and operating hours to benefit our customers and it’s clear that we have so much more to offer.”

Eco-Hub will facilitate monthly workshops on nutrition and wellbeing, as well as house the first Monaco-based vegetable garden to serve a restaurant. It was also host Monacology Week and Ecology Village and draw attention to year-round events like Earth Day, World Food Day and World Water Day.

Working with eco-partners, The Clever Kitchen, Stars n Bars offers a diverse (and digital) menu of organic, gluten free and local-sourced ingredient dishes. Other partners include Heineken, Fresh Water, and most recently the Marco Polo group and Atelier du Bois.
“I’m super motivated by our new project,” an enthusiastic Kate said, “for our children’s future and the future of our planet.”

Article first published June 2, 2016.

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