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Health SOS: The art of wellbeing on the go

Health SOS: The art of wellbeing on the go

By Naomi Buff - October 2, 2016

Photo: Dell.
Photo: Dell.

The Monaco Yacht show with its mega-yachts and mega-parties, was a jammed-pack four days for those directly involved and those hoping to be invited onboard.

Often when a big industry event comes to Monaco, all of our hard work and healthy habits go out the window while networking and entertaining take over. My clients tell me that these events “ruin” their gym regime and disciplined eating, and often say that once they start falling off the wellbeing wagon they might as well just keep going and really “blow out”, knowing they’ll get back on track when it is all over.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing during these 3- or 4-day events, a rollercoaster of excessive eating and drinking followed by restricted diets and extreme exercise. You can start by introducing some healthier habits that become part of your every day life and help bring more balance to these busier times. You will feel better in both mind and body.

lemonjuiceYour morning kicker
Start the day with hot lemon water. This will kick-start your digestive system and rehydrates you, especially important if you have been partaking in alcohol, which is dehydrating.

– 1 cup of hot (not boiling) water with the juice of half a lemon

If you are indulging in rich food, try drinking lemon water 15 minutes before your meal as it stimulates saliva and digestive enzymes to help reduce bloating and indigestion. Also practice conscious eating, so if you are attending a long, heavy dinner, take time to slow down and chew eat mouthful mindfully, this improves digestion and prevents overeating.

Check your water supply
Even though temperatures have dropped slightly, it is still very hot, therefore vitally important to ensure you keep hydrated through these busy times.

Don’t count on water being available, whether on a yacht or at the hotel hosting a conference. Plan ahead and carry water with you throughout the day, stop for a glass of water at any opportunity possible. Drink a big glass of water before an alcoholic beverage and try to alternate between the two.

Fibre is your friend
Make sure you are getting enough fibre in your diet (even if you are eating out the majority of the time) and drinking plenty of water to help your body to cleanse toxins naturally.

You should be able to find nutritious and fibrous food easily available as many restaurants in Monaco have recently introduced healthier options on their menus. You will find great options in Bouchon, Mozza, Ariston, Stars and Bars, Eqvita and Eat Juice in various locations (for take away), for example.

TOP TIP: Try swapping French fries for steamed vegetables or salad, or order a side portion if you just have to have some frites. Eat the vegetables first to fill you up so you don’t overeat on the bad stuff.

For more healthy tips see

Healthy snacks on the go
Have you ever experienced “hanger”? It’s the result of hunger meeting anger and usually occurs if you skip a meal, which causes a drop in blood sugar. Time flies at a tradeshow and hanger is a common problem, which often causes unhealthy emergency binge snacking. Like I mentioned previously with the water tips, plan ahead and pack a snack.

2016-09-28 02.45.46Personally I love Medjool dates as their natural sugars give me the lift I need. Always balance your snacks to include a good source of fat and carbohydrates; the perfect and easy way to do this is to add a few nuts (6-8 either almonds, walnuts or pecans for example). Otherwise you can pick up some great snack bars. I love the Rawbites bars, which are bars made from raw ingredients (dates, nuts) and with a slight naturally flavouring (like cacao or cinnamon). You’ll find these at the well-stocked Dietetique Gourmande bio store at 7 avenue Saint Laurent.

Body moves
If you’ve had a heavy night of eating or drinking (or both!), a workout may not sound too appealing but I urge you to fight any resistance, put on your trainers and move your body. Exercise, even a simple walk, will boost your energy and restore your mood as it stimulates brain chemicals that make you feel happier and more relaxed.

Luckily we have the most beautiful natural gym on our doorstep with coastal walks going toward either Menton (from the Monte-Carlo Country Club) or towards Cap d’Ail Plage Mala (from the car park at the end of the beach). You can tie in a business “walk meeting”, catch up with friends on foot or simply enjoy some alone time, which during a hectic work event can be most appreciated.

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