Terre and Métamorphoses: an exhibit by Philippe Pastor

Monaco’s own Philippe Pastor is exhibiting his unique environmentally aware works from at the Monaco Modern’Art gallery. The artist’s paintings and sculpture are tributes to nature as well as cautionary tales denouncing the world’s lack of care for our delicately balanced ecosystems.

Painting by Philippe Pastor

Mr Pastor uses natural pigments in his works, in keeping with his philosophies, and uses other elements from nature such as leaves, resin, earth or pine needles to create texture and depth.

His personal vision is evident in the works, and is at once calming and disturbing when knowing the context and undercurrents, and his thoughts on how man disadvantageously interacts with the planet. f

The exhibition will run until 26th July. For more information, visit www.monacomodernart.mc or www.philippepastor.com