10 days coronavirus free

There have been no new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the Principality since the lockdown was lifted on Monday, as Monaco reaches its 10th day of being coronavirus-free.

The good news may be in part due to the strict regulations that have been put in place regarding contact and protection. Social distancing, masks on public transport, regular disinfecting of well-travelled public spots and abundant supplies of hydro-alcoholic gel are creating a safer environment for the residents and workers of the Principality as they journey down the path of deconfinement.

Meanwhile, France saw a leap in the number of new cases after several days of decline. This has been attributed to the normal ebb and flow of things as de-escalation continues and authorities say it is not cause for alarm.

Currently, there are 95 people who had tested positive in Monaco since the outbreak began. After the all-clear was given to another patient on Wednesday 6th May, a total of 82 patients have been deemed recovered. There is only one person who remains in intensive care at the Princess Grace Hospital.

Not all people who tested positive or who were hospitalised here were residents, though if they showed severe symptoms, they were admitted along with those who do live in Monaco.

Most cases, fortunately, were of the mild version of the disease. Those people were asked to self-isolate at home whilst being monitored remotely by doctors. Four patients are currently being home-monitored whilst they recover.