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ipcc climate crisis

IPCC issues “final warning” on ensuing climate crisis in its latest report

Damage to the world’s climate will be irrevocable if we do not act now – and act drastically – is the stern and humbling message of the IPCC’s final report. Some are calling it the last...

Monaco Ocean Week: World-first report into life cycle of plastics delivers shocking results

“It’s time to put a cap on plastic production” says the Minderoo-Monaco Commission behind a new report detailing the health effects of plastic throughout its entire lifecycle

Net-Zero Industry Act to give priority to green tech investments

The newly announced Net-Zero Industry Act plans to make Europe a beacon of green technology and manufacturing.

CFM Indosuez partners with SCM to fund the “Noah’s ark for coral”

A new partnership between CFM Indosuez Wealth Management, the Scientific Centre of Monaco and the Oceanographic Institute is helping to fund the "Noah's Ark for coral".

food waste france

France aims to cut food waste by 50% in two years with new initiative for retailers

A new label from the French government hopes to encourage caterers, retailers and wholesalers to actively work to reduce food waste, with the goal of halving waste in some sectors by 2025.