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Forest fires fuel record-breaking carbon emissions

This summer’s catastrophic forest fire season in Europe has done more harm than the obvious, releasing record amounts of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Med ecosystem threatened by huge temp increase

A marine heatwave is gripping the Mediterranean with surface temperatures up to five degrees hotter than the seasonal average.

YCM backs mapping of seabed initiative

The Yacht Club of Monaco and the International Hydrographic Organisation have signed a letter of cooperation to work together to improve our knowledge of the sea and to cooperate on the crowdsourced...

DIMFE shines spotlight on freshwater ecosystems

Freshwater ecosystems, which include rivers, lakes, marshes and peat bogs, are in danger of disappearing in the Mediterranean basin. It is estimated that the number of wetlands has been cut in half...

A picture is worth a thousand words

Photographers are being sought for the RAMOGE – Man of the Sea competition, highlighting the relationship between human activity and the Mediterranean sea, in all their positive and negative...