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Monaco simplifies its trademark registration procedures

Monaco’s shift to digital administration has taken another step forward with a new tool allowing people to file for or renew trademark protection forms online.

“Dark patterns”: European authorities root out manipulative practices by online stores

Spot checks of online retailers by the EC and its consumer protection partners have revealed that many are still using practices intended to trick consumers into making purchases. Here’s how they...

Villefranche launches major underwater clean-up operation

The seafloor of Villefranche bay is to be cleared of rubbish and debris as the coastal town establishes an innovative system of anchorage for the hundreds of yachts that visit each year.  

Documenting the Med: New sea life monitoring system deployed in Monaco waters

A network of remotely controlled underwater camera and video systems, designed to document marine flora and fauna, have been sent out from Monaco to measure the health of its coast.

The Carte Vitale is going digital

After being tested in select regions over the past two years, France’s heath card, the Carte Vitale, will soon be changing to an online format. Here’s what you need to know.