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france highway code

France updates and modernises its infamous highway code test

The French government has revamped the national highway code test to make it “more understandable”. Here’s what has changed.  

scam french residents

Watch out for the scam campaign claiming to be an unpaid speeding fine

This one could easily trick you: a text message saying you have a speeding fine, and an official-looking government website asking for your bank details, here is everything you need to know about the...

Meet Reef Pulse, the innovative French company using acoustics to listen in on coral reefs

By tracking the health and functioning of coral reefs using AI and passive acoustics, French company Reef Pulse is on the cutting edge of marine protections.

tv monaco

Photos: Prince Albert and Princess Charlene attend launch of TV Monaco

Monaco’s Prince Albert and Princess Charlene have been pictured behind the scenes of the launch of the Principality’s new public television station, TV Monaco, which hit screens for the first...

france nuclear

France extends lifespan of aging nuclear reactor for the first time 

The Tricastin 1 nuclear reactor in southern France has become the first in the country to be certified “fit for service” after the standard 40 years of operations. Here’s an explanation for the...