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‘Like nowhere else’: Monaco launches 2023 campaign to lure new generation tourists

Monaco’s Tourism Department has revealed its latest strategy to win back tourists and return Monaco to its pre-Covid figures.

Real Estate: Europe’s house price boom is over amid global downturn

After several years of strong house price increases, the world’s housing markets are now slowing dramatically, including in Europe. Turkey remains the strongest housing market in the world thanks...

macron pension reform

Macron rams through pension reform without a vote: what now?

After months of protests and debates, the deal is done. President Emmanuel Macron has used a special constitutional power to bypass a final vote in parliament and deliver on his controversial pension...

Monaco bounces back from pandemic years with strong economic growth

In the post-Covid era, Monaco’s economy is showing positive signs all-round, according to a new quarterly report put out by IMSEE. 

black money cash france

Undeclared cash earnings are costing France €7 billion a year

With two out of three of its self-employed workers pocketing “black money”, undeclared earnings could be costing France €7 billion per year.