16th Century painting finds place of honour

The newly restored ‘Virgin with the Rosary’, a 16th Century oil on canvas Italian school-style painting, has found its new home on a wall of the Cathedral of Monaco. 

The Cultural Affairs Department-led operation has completed restoration on the magnificent art work and has placed it back in its home just in time for the holiday celebrations.

The restoration was carried out by Atelier2 Restauration’s Florence Feuardent, who has been granted authorisation to work for museums and French Historical Monuments.

The painting is not the only piece that has been given new life in 2020. Two organ doors with representations of saints were also restored this year making 10 total painted works that have been refurbished.

The Cultural Affairs Department launched this restoration and conservation programme for the works residing in the Cathedral of Monaco back in 2016.

In order to protect “The Virgin” from degradation in the future, a climate control device has been mounted to the back of the existing frame. The device is unseen by the public and serves to isolate the work from the direct environment. This gives the piece an added level of protection from the main factors that usually deteriorate artworks, such as fluctuations in humidity and variations in temperature.

The device was created and installed by Atelier Gilles Tournillon, a well-known outfit who specialises in cabinetmaking and restoration.

Photo: Government Communication Department / Michael Alesi