2.7% test positive for Covid-19

Almost half of all Monaco residents have taken part in the government’s free Covid-19 screening campaign, and of those only 2.7% have tested positive for the virus antibodies.
A little less than two weeks ago, the Prince’s government, in coordination with the National Council, initiated its vast testing campaign for all residents in Monaco. The free serological tests involve the rapid analysis of a drop of blood. Within minutes, people were able to know if they had been in contact with the Covid-19 virus.
As the first phase of the residents-focused campaign ends, the government has been able to reveal that 16,200 people were screened at the two test sites – Grimaldi Forum and Espace Léo Ferré – totalling 43% of the population.
This doesn’t take into account the tests carried out on members of the police force, firefighters, the Carabinieri, and the National Education Directorate, who were tested elsewhere and are not yet counted in the statistics for those who live in Monaco.
It was also revealed that only 2.7% of serological tests were positive. These people were offered an additional blood test, and if that also proved positive, they were invited to undergo a PCR test.
“Being positive for the serological test means that they have developed antibodies on the date of the test and that the person can potentially be immunised, but that does not mean that he/she is no longer contagious,” said the government in a statement. “Anyway, whether the person is positive or negative, it is imperative to maintain social distancing.”
On Tuesday 2nd June, the Prince’s Government will start screening people who work in the Principality – employees, civil servants and state agents, and self-employed workers, a population of around 50,000.
The free tests will take place between 7:30am and 6:00pm at the Grimaldi Forum only. Screening is voluntary and confidential – the results are only communicated to the person tested.
Once again, organisation is based on alphabetical order, so people with family names starting with letters A and B are invited to the testing site on Tuesday – which equates to approximately 6,000 people.
Monegasque and resident children under the age of five will be able to access the Covid-19 tests on Wednesday 3rd June from 1:30pm to 6pm.
The Prince’s government is encouraging as many people as possible to be tested, pointing out that residents who have not been able to be tested and who wish to do so, can go freely to the Grimaldi Forum during opening hours on Tuesday.
For more information, visit the government’s website: www.covid19.mc
Photo: National Council of Monaco