2023 was Monaco’s second hottest year on record

2023, a year characterised by long-lasting heat waves, high temperatures and average monthly rainfall levels well below their normal zones, was one of the hottest 12 months on record in Monaco. 

This revelation, which has been confirmed by statistics published in IMSEE’s annual meteorological report, likely won’t come as a surprise to anyone living in and around the Principality.

According to the localised weather review, which was published in late February, two “distinct meteorological phenomena” punctuated a near record-setting year: high heat that preceded and continued well beyond the usual summer season and rainfall totals that were significantly below average for the third year in a row.  


Since the 1970s, average temperatures in Monaco have been steadily climbing.  

The average maximum between 1971 and 1980 was just under 18.7°C, but by 2023 had shot up to 20.6°C. Indeed, the average overall temperature last year was a balmy 18°C.  

During the hottest day of last year, the mercury climbed to 34.9°C, which is just shy of the record set in 2022: 35.1°C.  

At the other end of the scale, 2023’s absolute minimum was 4.6°C. Unlike pre-2020, when negative temperatures were normal winter occurrences, temperatures haven’t fallen below 0°C in the last five years, according to the data collected by Monaco’s principal weather station in the Jardin Exotique.  


There were an average 7.3 hours of sunshine per day in 2023. July was sunniest and clocked 326 hours, while December noted the least, with 130. Overall, there was just 0.3% difference between 2023 and 2022, the equivalent of a mere nine hours.  

Precipitation levels were alarming low, with only 436mm of rain recorded throughout the entire year, compared to Monaco’s annual average of 794mm.

There were 46 rainy days in total, a full 17 days less than normal. Oddly, the rainiest day came in August, when 47.3mm fell in a single day. Overall, October was the wettest month of last year, racking up 90mm, while February came bottom of the list with a shocking 0mm.  

After record lows in 2001 and then again in 2007, 2023 has the dubious honour of being among the three driest years on record in the Principality.  

To read the full report for yourself, click here.  


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Photo source: Antoine Contenseau, Unsplash