25 years of Les Enfants de Frankie celebrated with grand ‘Extravaganza’ gala

The opulent Salle Garnier was abuzz with excitement last Friday night as the Les Enfants de Frankie community of supporters and benefactors came together to celebrate the 25 years of this admirable Monegasque association.

In honour of the major landmark achieved by Les Enfants de Frankie and its founder, Francien Giraudi, a grandiose circus-themed gala was held in the esteemed presence of Prince Albert II of Monaco on Friday 10th November.

It was not just a celebration, but a symphony of culture, charity and extravagant entertainment that enchanted guests, who turned out in their droves to laud the work of the association over the last two and a half decades.

Celebrating a legacy

As the evening began, a sense of excitement filled the air, paving the way for an unforgettable night. The initial focus was not on the lively Beatles-themed auction nor the dazzling Extravaganza circus show that were to follow, but on a touching moment of reflection.  

Francien, the revered president and founder of Les Enfants de Frankie, who has been at the helm since 1997, graced the stage to share her profound journey with the audience. Her speech struck a chord with everyone present, highlighting the profound impact and milestones Les Enfants de Frankie has met and made over the years. 

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Speaking of the many sick children her association has helped, Francien said, “I’m here to alleviate their suffering, to help make their dreams come true. It’s about giving them moments of joy and happiness, something positive to hold onto.” 

After the heartfelt speech, the atmosphere heightened as Prince Albert II took the stage, where he eloquently paid homage to Francien’s unwavering dedication and the significant accomplishments of Les Enfants de Frankie.  

“I am deeply moved and honoured that Les Enfants de Frankie has made Monaco its home, transforming the lives of countless children,” declared the Prince.  

Prince Albert on stage with Francien Giraudi. Photo by Monaco Life

Rare treasures and a circus show

Then came the much-awaited auction, led by the charismatic Alexandre Jaffray. Bidders actively competed for rare and treasured items, with a live recording experience at Abbey Road Studio fetching an impressive €30,000. The allure of the auction was further enhanced by exclusive Beatles memorabilia, including signed photographs of Ringo Starr, limited edition John Lennon prints and original vinyl LPs of iconic albums like Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. 

L-R: Alexandre Jaffray, Francien Giraudi and Frankie the clown. Photo by Monaco Life

Following the spirited auction, guests shifted their attention to the Extravaganza circus show; a breathtaking fusion of artistry and athleticism.  

Aerial acrobats soared through the air with grace and precision, while Argentine bolas dancers spun their instruments in a hypnotic dance. The acts were a blend of circus performers, multidisciplinary dancers and artists from around the globe who each brought their unique flair to the stage.  

The involvement of renowned groups such as the Princess Grace Dance Academy, The Studio of Monaco, The Little Singers of Monaco, Stella Almondo and the Rosella Hightower National Superior Dance Pole added layers of local prestige and talent to the already stellar line-up. 

A soirée of splendor 

Following the mesmerising performances, the evening transitioned to a cocktail reception at the Atrium, where, in a display of impressive creativity, champagne was served in a unique fashion: elegantly dressed ladies in ball gowns positioned themselves in the crowd, offering glasses of champagne directly from their gowns. 

A select group of VIP guests later had the distinct honour of joining Prince Albert for an exclusive private dinner in the Salon Rose of the Casino de Monte-Carlo.  

As the night ended, it was evident that this gala was more than just a celebration; it was a testament to the power philanthropy and community. Guests left with not just memories of a spectacular evening, but also with a renewed spirit of generosity and hope. 

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Photos by Monaco Life