43rd International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo coming Jan 2019

Festival Circus of Monte-Carlo

The famous Fontvieille track, on which the 43rd edition of the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo will open on January 17th, remains a place of permanent innovation, as the circus continues to evolve and transform itself.

– The Aliyev troupe, originally from Kazakhstan, who had already received a Silver Clown at the 35 th Festival, will present this year a large painting of flying artists on the theme of “Dante”. It is the famous director and director Alexandre Grimaïlo who choreographed this number of trapeze flying a rare elegance and technical complexity never seen!

– The acrobatic duo on Hoverboard (Segway): the young artist Nazerke Merekekyzy, a native of Kazakhstan, invented a new circus discipline by achieving bold balances with his partner Yoka Konyrbaeva … on this new means of locomotion, the hoverboard. While riding on the track, the two young women arrive at amazing hand-to-hand balances that took more than a year of rehearsals before they could be presented for the first time in the world … in Monaco!

– The Without Socks, clownish trio of Russia, take up a tradition somewhat forgotten, that of the clown entrance. The three artists, with a very personalized silhouette, despite their young age, have managed to get off the beaten path, take back clownish entries and bring them a freshness and a modernity that the Organizing Committee is proud to present in Monaco.

Festival Circus of Monte-Carlo

– Finally, the Gypsy High School, presented by Yuri Volodchenkov and the beautiful gypsy dancer Avelina Kvasova, will bring passion and pleasure under the big top. In addition to the magnificent complicity between the rider and the horse named “Legion”, the figures made by the two artists will make this performance an unforgettable gipsy love!