4th Symposium of the Monaco Philosophical Encounters

The Monaco Philosophical Meetings Awards Night has been held at the Oceanographic Museum and the event was marked by a number of highlights, including the award ceremony with jury members.

© – Direction de la Communication – Stéphane Danna

The ceremony was held on Friday 7th June, and the winners were:

– Marie Garrau, Vulnerability Policy (CNRS Éditions) for the 2019 Prize, awarded to a French-language philosophy book published in the calendar year preceding its award;

– Emma Pallanca for the Lyceen Prize, awarded following a written competition;

– The Beautiful Letters for the Honorary Mention that distinguishes a French-language publisher illustrating itself in the publication of innovative philosophical works.

The evening opened with a lecture by Etienne Bimbenet, winner of the 2018 Prize, on the theme ‘What is philosophy?’. Percussionist Adelaide Ferriere then performed a musical interlude.

The 4th edition of the Colloquium was an opportunity for the public to meet the five finalists of the 2019 prize. It was also a change for them to participate in the 12 ‘Leçons de philosophie’ at the New National Museum of Monaco – Villa Sauber. The objective was to present the thoughts of major philosophers of the 20th century from a concept or a theme, a subject or an object, central to their work.