50 Ferraris under one roof

Ferrari exhibition cars

There are just three weeks left to visit the one-off Ferrari exhibition at the Museum of the private collection of cars of H.S.H. Prince Albert, which features around 50 of the brand’s most iconic Grand Prix and sports cars, totalling more than 1 billion euros.

Ferrari exhibition cars
The Ferrari exhibition features 47 models

In an Italy ravaged by the Second World War, Enzo Ferrari and a small team decided to create the perfect racing machine. With his famous prancing horse crest, the auto maker quickly established itself as a leader in the automotive industry, for the technical prowess and beauty of its vehicles.

This exhibition takes visitors on a journey through 70 years of passion, glamour and design innovation.

Among the display in Monaco is the 1960 246 F1, the last car to have a front-mounted engine and the 1961 246 SP, the first Ferrari with a central rear-mounted engine. There’s also the 1991 F40, the last “Supercar” made during the lifetime of Enzo Ferrari, and the 1962 250 GTO, of which just 36 were built. This one is widely considered the most legendary Ferrari and the Italian carmaker’s finest sports car of all time.

The exhibition will draw to a close on 15th March. For more information visit https://www.mtcc.mc/fr/