600 vaccines a day possible at new site

Prince Albert has inaugurated Monaco’s new Covid vaccination centre in the Grimaldi Forum, telling reporters that it is “too early to tell” if he will order another lockdown for the Principality. 
The Prince visited the Grimaldi Forum just before midday together with Minister of State Pierre Dartout, Health Minister Didier Gamerdinger and National Council President Stéphane Valeri. Just hours earlier, the makeshift health centre opened its doors to provide the Covid jab to Monaco’s citizens.
Around 600 vaccines a day are expected to be administered by health professionals at the site.
Currently, only residents aged over 65 and those with co-morbidities can apply to have the free inoculation, as well as people aged over 75 who missed the first round.
“Thanks to this centre, we aim to respond as quickly and as easily as possible to all the requests of people who wish to be vaccinated,” said the Prince.

Photo by Michael Alesi for the Government Communication Department

The whole process lasts about half an hour and includes registration, a medical examination, the inoculation and a 15-minute waiting period to determine that there is no reaction.
Eventually, the government aims to vaccinate all residents, employees and students in the Principality who wish to receive the jab.
When questioned about vaccine supply, the Prince responded: “We are doing everything with the government and those responsible to have sufficient doses on time.”
He also said that it was “too early to tell” if Monaco would go into another lockdown, but that it would consider the possibility if France takes the measure.
“We will of course study the question and find an answer that is most suited to the Principality,” said the Prince.
French President Emmanuel Macron is expected to make a televised address to the nation on Wednesday night and national media are suggesting he will announce a three-week lockdown, with schools to remain open but all non-essential businesses to close.
Photos by Michael Alesi for the Government Communication Department