A gastronomic revival: The French plan to breathe new life into the nation’s culinary heritage

culinary heritage

As the historical home of haute cuisine, France’s gastronomy scene has a lot to live up to, and as the world embraces the cuisines of countries from across the globe, the French government is keen to ensure that its culinary heritage and identity retain top-tier status.  

In 2023, the number of eateries in operation in France reached 175,000 and the sector is believed to employ 800,000 workers. On top of that, eating and dining out is something of a national pastime, and fine food and ingredients are a part of France’s national identity. But if the culinary scene is lauded at home, what about abroad? 

The international reputation of French cuisine is something the government is keen to promote and a new scheme has just been launched that aims to boost its visibility and appeal in countries around the world.  

The Centre National de la Gastronomie Française (CNGF) is leading the charge of the three-point plan that hopes to export the trappings of French cuisine, its traditions and its techniques, to a global audience. 

First, the Centre National de la Gastronomie will be supporting the presence of French chefs at a number of international events and conferences. Second, it will be reviving the Goût de France events at overseas French embassies and backing a range of events that promote France’s gastronomic heritage. 

The third part of the plan is a six to eight-month international tour by 10 top French chefs, who are set to go on the road and share their insights into the country’s culinary heritage with audiences in places such as Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Macao, the UAE and Hong Kong.    



Another programme being put in motion will coincide with the Paris Olympics, which are scheduled to begin in July.  

The Ministry of Business, Tourism and Consumption, along with Atout France, recently put out a call for local initiatives that promote the nation’s culinary heritage. 

22 projects have now been selected for funding of up to €100,000. Their shared mission is to “demonstrate the creativity of national culinary know-how through the organisation of new or reinvented projects throughout France” between 8th May and 8th September in the French capital.  

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Photo source: Stefan Schauberger, Unsplash