A glimpse behind the curtain: exploring the visionary behind the Monte-Carlo Acting Academy

Monaco Life offers a behind-the-scenes look at Gabriele Greggio, the creative force behind Monaco’s first ever English-speaking acting academy.

Gabriele Greggio, son of celebrated comedian Ezio Greggio, launched Monaco’s first English-speaking acting academy on 8th January, combining his passion for the arts with educational innovation. The 29-year-old brings with him a solid foundation in acting education from prestigious institutions in London and New York – a wealth of knowledge and experience that he is now channelling into Monaco.

Gabriele’s mission is to establish a sanctuary for people of all ages to delve into the diverse realm of acting. He candidly reflects, “My passion for acting has been a constant… Yet, it was my deep fascination with mastering this art form and expressing myself through it that truly captivated me.”

Born in Milan and living in Monaco since the age of three, Gabrielle had his own battles with stuttering, but he sees it not as an obstacle but as a catalyst for his unwavering resolve.

Gabriele Greggio in an acting role

A vision for empathy

Gabriele Greggio says that his academy curriculum is deeply influenced by his global acting education, integrating methods that played a pivotal role in his own growth. Beyond addressing issues such as stuttering or stage fright, his teaching approach emphasises the cultivation of empathy, self-awareness, and collaboration among students.

With a rich background that includes collaborations with prominent entities like the BBC, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, Gabriele aims to give his students practical insights from the industry. “I draw upon a broad spectrum of methods, incorporating those that have significantly impacted my development,” he explains.

Gabriele Greggio reveals that real-world experience, including upcoming roles in projects like ‘The Mallorca Files’ and ‘William Tell’, shapes his teaching philosophy. He underscores the importance of grasping industry intricacies, from auditions to fostering connections with agents and casting directors. “Embracing mistakes is pivotal; they are the stepping stones to mastering the craft,” Gabriele emphasises.

The classes of the acting academy are temporarily held at Conscientiae in Port Hercule.

Building blocks of acting

The core values of Monaco’s new acting academy centre on nurturing creativity and self-discovery, even for the shy or uncertain ones. Gabriele, drawing from his own experiences, affirms, “Being shy is not a bad thing… We all have that necessity to be heard and loved and to express ourselves,” highlighting the transformative power of acting to unleash one’s inner potential.

Creating an environment of respect and mutual support is paramount in Gabriele’s vision. He aims to foster a space where students feel safe to explore their craft and learn from each other, emphasising the importance of empathy and understanding in the actor’s toolkit. “Without empathy and without understanding the other actor or student, you can’t learn and work as an actor,” he notes.

Bravery, introspection, and the delight found in artistic creation are also among his core values. “Beyond the shadow of fear lies the light of joy… Embracing your true self, with all its vulnerabilities, is not just acceptable, it’s essential,” he reflects, capturing the essence of the experience he aims to provide for his students.

“Every role is important”

Gabriele credits Monaco for its profound influence on his academy, acknowledging its vibrant culture and supportive community as pivotal in shaping the academy’s unique atmosphere. “After 29 years here, it really has become my home,” he says, expressing his deep connection to Monaco and his desire to contribute to its artistic legacy.

His favourite films are ‘Mean Streets’ and ‘A Streetcar Named Desire,’ which represent the depth and emotional truth of acting he aims to instil in his students. And his dream role? “I think the next role is always the best one… Every role is important,” he says.

Gabriele hopes that his forward-thinking teaching approach will secure his academy’s relevance in the evolving world of the arts. He emphasises personal growth and empathy as the driving forces for the future of acting. “The best way for us to evolve is to look inwards and outwards… That’s how we evolve. That’s how I think acting and cinema and storytelling gets better,” Gabriele says, underscoring the lasting impact of the performing arts.

The Monte-Carlo Acting Academy provides acting courses in Monaco for all age groups, offering both six-week sessions and two-week intensives designed to fit around school holidays and the academic year. For more information, click here: Home | Monte-Carlo Acting Academy (montecarloactingacademy.com)

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