A new weekly farmer’s market opens near the Palace

monaco market

From this Friday, the vibrant new Petit Marché de Monaco Ville will be held every week, selling a bounty of fresh produce and breathing new life into this historic, but largely touristic, part of the Principality. 

Monaco-Ville, colloquially known as The Rock or Le Rocher, is the neighbourhood that encompasses the Palace, the cathedral and some of the oldest streets in the Principality. The Grimaldi family has resided in this section since 1297, making it an important historic centre, though one that is often overlooked by locals. 

Efforts to change that, and thus revitalise the area, are being put in motion with plans hatched by Marjorie Crovetto, the Principality’s Delegate for Commerce, Halls and Markets, now coming to fruition. 

The weekly farmer’s market, called the Petit Marché de Monaco Ville or the Little Market of Monaco Ville, is starting up on Friday 31st March. For now, just one producteur of fruit and vegetables will be present. 

It can be found between 8am and 1pm on the the Alleé Saint Jean-Paul II, a stone’s throw from the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.  

A home delivery service 

For those who find it a challenge to make it up to the Rock, a home delivery service has been set up by the townhall for people who reside in Monaco and need a bit of extra help transporting purchased items. It is similar to the service offered at Monaco’s two other market centres: La Condamine and the Marché de Monte-Carlo.  


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Photo source: Shelley Pauls for Unsplash