A will to work in Monaco: The Principality’s private sector is booming

monaco private sector

According to a first-of-its-kind report from statistical agency IMSEE, some 55,000 private sector workers clocked up 97.5 million working hours last year.  

Over the years, statistics on the private sector in Monaco have been presented together with the total working population of the Principality. Now, IMSEE, the official statistical agency of Monaco, has put out a report on just this segment and it has revealed some interesting discoveries.  


There are a total of 55,472 active employees in Monaco’s private sector, a full 2,324 more than in 2022, equating to a 4.4% rise. The average age of these workers was 42.4. 61% of private sector workers are male and 39% are female. 

The numbers comprise an astounding 140 different nationalities. As is often the case in these studies, the French were far and away the highest proportion, equalling 62% of the private sector workforce in Monaco. This was followed by Italians, who represent 15%, and Portuguese workers at 7%. Monegasques comprise 2% or 1,005 people.  

A full 80% of workers live in the Alpes-Maritimes, 11% live in the Principality and the remaining 9% in Italy.  

These employees are hard workers, clocking up 97.5 million working hours in 2022, up eight million on the previous year.  


Scientific and technical activities employed the majority of these private sector workers, with just under a quarter from these fields of expertise. Accommodation and food service came in second, employing 14% of workers, followed by construction and “other” service activities, which include domestic staff, at 11%. 

As for employers, there are 6,357 recorded businesses. 2,447 of these are employers of domestic staff. 


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Photo by Monaco Life