A1 Padel: CMB Monaco Master returns with New York Yankees as an investor

a1 padel monaco

The CMB Monaco Master Padel tournament, part of the A1 Padel circuit, will return to the Principality in June after investment from the iconic baseball team, the New York Yankees. 

This year’s tournament will once again take place at the foot of the Monte-Carlo Casino and will attract the world’s biggest players, including Maxi Arce and Franco Dal Bianco.

The A1 Padel tour has already travelled to Cape Town and Seville, and was even as local as Beausoleil for the French Open. However, between 5th and 11th June, Padel, which is played by more than 30 million people globally and is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, will return to the Principality.

New York Yankees invest in A1 Padel

In line with Padel’s growth globally, there has been an expansion of the A1 calendar and the tournament is attracting big investors. In late March, it was announced that the iconic American baseball team the New York Yankees would make a “strategic investment” in A1 Padel.

“Padel is growing rapidly, and A1 Padel is producing high-quality, dynamic events for players, fans and sponsors, and there is a remarkable opportunity for sustained expansion,” said New York Yankees President Randy Levine. “We look forward to serving as a strategic partner to elevate the sport of Padel and the A1 Padel brand, particularly in raising awareness in the United States and beyond,” he continued.


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Photo from Unsplash