Access to forests and massifs in much of the Riviera is barred 

The threat of forest fires and the elevated temperatures of the Charon heatwave have led officials in the Var and Alpes-Maritimes to ban access to large swathes of the region’s forests. 

Of the nine principal forests and massifs in the Var, only three have remained outside of a blanket red zone: Saint Baume, Plateau de Canjuers and the Haut Var. In the remaining six zones, locals and visitors to the area are strictly prohibited from accessing the hinterland. The reason is the looming fear of forest fires given the extreme heat, afternoon winds and intensely dry soils in the department.  

All works that could potentially lead to a fire, even down to creating a tiny spark, are also off the table for the time being. In the three forementioned areas, which find themselves in an orange warning zone, “access is not recommended and work that could cause a fire is prohibited, except for agricultural, forestry or general interest work from 5am to 1pm with a fire extinguishing device”. 

The exceptions to the bans on access are the Calanque Port d’Alon, the Cascade de Sillans and the Base Nature de La Môle, which will remain open to the public. 

Over in the Alpes-Maritimes, the Esterel-Tanneron hills have been classed as a serious fire risk and have also been placed in a red zone. The rest of the Alpes-Maritimes remains green and fully accessible to those looking to get out for a walk beneath the shade of some trees.  

The daily access maps and information for the Var can be found here. For the Alpes-Maritimes equivalent, please click here. 


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Photo source: Karsten Winegeart, Unsplash