After France, Monaco overhauls theoretical driving test

Monaco’s Code de la Route has been updated to reflect the times, and now includes more visuals and clearer questions, as well as a section on environmentally-responsible driving.

According to Aurélie Peri, Head of the Traffic Documents Department, authorities in Monaco only “recently” learned of the changes to France’s theoretical driving test, which were applied on 12th September.

Luckily, said Peri, her department was in the process of implementing its own updated version of the ‘Code de la Route’ (Highway Code exam).

On Monday 2nd October, the government confirmed that Monaco’s new highway code was being applied as of 1st October 2023.

“The Traffic Documents Service has been working for more than a year now on the overhaul of the Highway Code in Monaco,” said Peri. “This is a mission that my Department – and more specifically the driving licence section – has been carrying out in consultation with local driving schools and experts in the field to achieve the most balanced and up-to-date project possible. And I must say that I am very proud that we have today achieved this overhaul with the help and support of the stakeholders concerned.”

As the previous questions included in Monaco’s Code de la Route were over 10 years old, “It therefore seemed necessary to us to carry out this reform to modernise this examination, make it clearer and intelligible to everyone,” added Peri.

The new questions are therefore clearer and include more modern visuals to make it easier for people to understand the situations presented to them.

The database now has around 800 questions, which are randomly presented in each test.

While the questions will primarily be focused on basic traffic rules like signalling and priority, questions related to eco-driving are also now included in the test.

“That is to say more responsible and environmentally friendly driving. This is naturally part of the desired approach implemented in the Principality in terms of soft mobility and environmental protection,” said Peri.

 It should be kept in mind that the only difference on this subject lies in the regulations linked to traffic documents, in particular the driving licence with points and the sanctions linked to it. Apart from these specificities, and therefore the questions related to them, all the rules related to traffic are identical.

The teaching of the Code de la Route is the same in Monaco and in France, however there are differences in the points and fines associated with a driving licence, and it is only these questions that vary in the Monaco test, confirmed Peri.


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France updates and modernises its infamous highway code test


Photo by Monaco Life