Digital Innovation Summit coming to Monaco

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The inaugural Digital Innovation Summit taking place in Monaco on Friday 17th November will be a showcase of the pioneering technologies that are shaking up the worlds of AI, blockchain, healthcare and legal tech. 

Among the top speakers scheduled to lead conferences and sessions at the Digital Innovation Summit is Jonathan Xu, a Canadian technologist and the founder of MindVis, who will event with a talk called ‘From Mind to Video: Neural Narratives’ on non-invasive mind-reading technologies.  

Following him, Louis L’Herrou of Altores, known for his expertise in AI-driven automation, will discuss ‘Amplifying Human Potential with AI Assistance’ and explore AI’s role in operational efficiency. 

Later, Tom Haneuse, also from Altores and an MIT-certified expert in blockchain and AI, will illuminate the transformative impact of blockchain technology in societal contexts.  

Next, Fabrice Marquet, a renowned biomedical engineer and the founder of Monaco Foundry, will share his own insights on the revolutionary interplay of blockchain and AI in startup investments. 

The stage will then welcome Mustapha Hamdi, the founder of InnoDeep, to discuss the application of AI in healthcare while Julien Bonnel of Anycommerce and Blockchain Innov will spotlight the use of blockchain for securing proof in domestic violence cases.  

Julia Pirinoli, an attorney specialising in intellectual property and contract law, will provide her legal expertise on the intersection of law and tech before the final speaker of the night, Antoine de Massy, Vice-President of the Associations des Jeunes de Monaco, which has organised the event, and a founding member of the Monaco Cryptographic Association, will address the challenges and potential of blockchain technology. 

A gathering of innovators and visionaries 

The summit will take place on Friday 17th November at the Terrasses des Pécheurs, found within the Associations des Jeunes de Monaco premises, from 6pm to 10pm.  

The conferences and talks will be accompanied by networking opportunities and live entertainment for an event that is set to be both enjoyable and intellectually stimulating.  

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Photo source: Amira el-Fohail, Unsplash