All about the Pelagos escape game and poster for kids

Two new fun and educational tools, an escape game and a poster to pin on bedroom walls, are encouraging the next generation to get involved with the Pelagos Sanctuary thanks to funds provided by the Rotary Club of Monaco.  

More than 20 years ago now, the Principality of Monaco, Italy and France came together to sign the landmark Pelagos Agreement and formally protect eight key species of marine mammals in their shared corner of the Mediterranean. It is a unique cross-border agreement that is the sole international organisation dedicated to the preservation and safeguarding of sea creatures in the region, and runs numerous scientific projects and programmes year-round.

Now it is reaching out to the next generation of conservationists with new educational online resources available via the recently revamped Pelagos Sanctuary website

“These two complementary tools have been designed to offer an educational experience that allows young people to learn, through playful activities, about the marine mammals populating the Sanctuary, their characteristics, evolution and the threats they face,” says a spokesperson for the Pelagos Sanctuary.

The escape game provides “an emotionally rich experience, encouraging young people to become ambassadors for the protection of marine mammals within the Pelagos Sanctuary”, and players must help a character called Sebastian solve puzzles and uncover clues in an attempt to complete a scientific mission.

According to the creators, it “combines elements of problem-solving, critical thinking, and immersive storytelling to create an engaging and interactive experience”.

The poster, which is available in English, French, Italian and Monegasque, features images and information on the marine mammals protected by the zone, such as the critically endangered Mediterranean monk seal, the sperm whale and the bottlenose dolphin. It can be downloaded and printed out at home, and will also be distributed to schools within the Sanctuary area on request.


The conception of the escape game and the poster was made possible thanks to the contributions of the Rotary Club of Monaco, which has been a supporter of the Pelagos Sanctuary for many, many years.

“The Rotary Club of Monaco has provided essential support to make this initiative possible,” says a spokesperson for the Pelagos Sanctuary. “Thanks to these new tools, the younger audience becomes a protagonist in the protection of marine mammals, reinforcing the idea of a Sanctuary which belongs to everybody and for everybody.”


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