All lighting in tunnels under the Rock to become energy-efficient

monaco energy tunnel

Monaco is taking another step towards energy efficiency with a programme to replace all of the lighting in the tunnels under the Rock with LED bulbs, which will result in up to 90% energy savings.  

According to the Monegasque government, the seven tunnels that crisscross underneath the Rock have a total of 637 light fixtures, with 1,340 fluorescent bulbs illuminating the pathways. 

This type of lighting is costly, using tremendous amounts of energy compared to light emitting diodes (LED), so the decision has been made to replace these outmoded fixtures with the latter. LED technology can require up to 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, and last 25 times longer.  

The works, which began on Monday 10th July, will see the total number of lights reduced to 213. The average bulb life is between 80,000 and 100,000 for the chosen type of LED, meaning that servicing will only be required once every 10 years.  

The project means that there will be slight disruptions to traffic flows during the four stages of the programme, which is expected to be completed by April 2024. 

The first will run throughout July and August, exclusively at night, from Monday to Saturday and between 9pm and 5.30am. The Fontvieille, Noghès and Antoine 1er tunnels will therefore be temporarily and intermittently closed during this period.  


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Photo credit: Michael Alesi / Monaco Communications Department