All you need to know about France’s Social Security Financing Act

From this year, 2023, France’s newest legislations will streamline services in a range of health sectors, from sexual health to improving access to care, as well as tackle fraudulent claims.

Here’s a rundown of some of the key measures included in the Social Security Financing Act or Loi de Financement de la Sécurité Sociale (LFSS).

The preventative health appointments offered by the social security system at key stages of life, referred to as examen de prévention en santé, will now be free-of-charge.

Screening for sexually transmitted infections is now possible without a prescription, excluding HIV testing, as well as being fully reimbursed for under 26s. A range of condoms available in pharmacies are free for the same age group.   

All women, regardless of age, can obtain emergency contraception, such as the morning-after pill, from pharmacies without any financial burden. 

A range of 14 standard vaccinations, such as diphtheria and tetanus, are now possible in pharmacies, joining seasonal flu and Covid-19 jabs. Nurses and midwives are also eligible providers. The service is for over 16s and a prescription is still needed, but the move vastly simplifies a process that previously required a doctor’s visit.

To help bring down the rate of tobacco smoking amongst the population, France will increase the average price of a pack of cigarettes by an estimated 50 cents in 2023 and another 35 cents the following year. 

The maximum working age for doctors and nurses in a hospital setting has been levelled at 72, until 2035, when it is likely to be reviewed. 

Reparations for children who are harmed by pesticides in utero and suffer adverse effects as they grow up will be improved.

Cancer patients will now receive 100% reimbursement for hair prostheses

A number of trials are being included in the new act, such as a three-year trial of obligatory sickle cell screening in newborns, an additional 12 months of testing time for scientists and doctors working with therapeutic cannabis, and the permission for nurses to sign death certificates on an experimental basis over the next year in an attempt to relieve doctors of the task. 

Financial support for single parents is getting a make-over, with choix du mode de garde provisions reserved for children under six to be extended to 12 years of age. There has also been a 50% increase in the family support allowance for single-parent households, rising to €184.41 per month and per child. 

Assisting France’s oldest residents and improving their access to care are also key features of the LFSS. An additional 4,000 places in care homes will be created in 2023 alongside provisions for 3,000 extra nurses and caregivers at residential facilities. By 2027, the government anticipates the creation of 50,000 new jobs in the sector. For those still living independently, but beginning to struggle, a system called MaprimAdapt has been established to help update and adapt homes to their new needs. 

France will tackle the damaging rates of fraudulent social security claims, aiming to increase detection by 10% over the next 12 months as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of fraud recovery. Excluding pensions, benefits will no longer be paid to bank accounts lying outside of the EU. 

For the full list, please head to the official Service Public website.


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Photo source: Xavier Mouton for Unsplash