Almine Rech Gallery to exhibit Michael Kagan’s ‘Victory Lap’

In the run-up to the Monaco Grand Prix, the Almine Rech Gallery will be playing host to the latest Michael Kagan solo exhibition, ‘Victory Lap’, which depicts Formula 1 drivers in full kit as they prepare to hit the track. 

American artist Michael Kagan has made a career out of capturing the essence of real-life superheroes, painting astronauts, fighter jet pilots and now Formula 1 drivers.  

His paintings, known for their big, bold brushwork and deeply expressive, high-octane content, have taken him beyond niche fans of his chosen subjects to a broad-based audience who appreciate the striking balance he makes between realism and representational art.  

His latest collection delves into the rarefied realm of the Formula 1 driver and features the superstars of the track, including Monaco’s own Charles Leclerc, who is painted on a 40cm x 30cm canvas in oils, as well as a rendition of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, also in oil, on a 61cm x 61cm canvas.

Verstappen, 2024. Michael Kagan / Courtesy of the artist and Almine Rech. Photo credit: Tom Powel imaging

“The subjects of his spectacular paintings and sculptures are superhuman characters who confront all obstacles and fears in an obsessive and passionate quest for records, speed, excellence and victory,” says Simon de Pury, the Swiss art dealer and auctioneer. “They put their lives on the edge and galvanise millions of motorsport fans around the world. Their multi-coloured helmets and racing outfits further emphasise their superhero status.” 


Victory Lap will be on display at the Almine Rech Gallery on Avenue de la Costa from 22nd May to 22nd June.  


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Main photo: Leclerc, 2024. Michael Kagan / Courtesy of the artist and Almine Rech. Photo credit: Tom Powel imaging