Altores, Monaco Experience Point, Brain-NET and SOCA: MonacoTech unveils four new recruits

Stakeholders in Monaco have been presented four different start-ups that are being incubated at MonacoTech.

The start-ups were presented during a Demo Day on 7th November. The four start-ups, which had arrived in September 2023, pitched their projects after completing two months at MonacoTech.

Each had seven minutes to pitch their project to the assembly and seven minutes to answer questions from participants.

It was an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to present their projects, their vision and their objectives to stakeholders in the MonacoTech ecosystem and enthusiasts of technological innovation.

MonacoTech Demo Day, photo credit Manuel Vitali, Government Communication Department

The start-ups presented were Altores, a digital employee platform that uses AI-driven automation to deliver “unprecedented levels of productivity for businessesand governments”. It was founded by Louis L’Herrou and Tom Haneuse.

Brain-NET, which works on the development of digital solutions for healthcare professionals to help with the diagnosis and monitoring of neurological diseases, as well as the monitoring of subjects exposed to concussions or mild head trauma. The start-up was founded by Mikael Cohen.

Monaco Experience Point, an EdTech that boosts the professional development of teams using an innovative training platform, offering courses designed by local and international experts in valued skills. It was founded by Guillaume Renaud.

And SOCA, a B2B ordering application that digitalises interactions between restaurateurs and their suppliers. Its web and mobile interface allows users to automate order management and centralise exchanges to save time. It was founded by William Scheffer, Anthony Orengo, and Mathieu Chailloux.

MonacoTech is a start-up incubator, co-founded in 2017 by the Prince’s government, Monaco Telecom and Xavier Niel. It supports the establishment of innovative projects in

Monaco with its tailor-made program, networking opportunities and support from key professional and institutional actors.

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Main photo credit: Manuel Vitali, Government Communication Department