AMADE celebrates 60 years of grassroots help to disadvantaged people worldwide

Monaco-based charity AMADE celebrated its 60th anniversary with an event hosted by Caroline, Princess of Hanover to showcase the association’s work in helping disadvantaged children and adults around the globe.

Founded in 1963 by Princess Grace, AMADE, the World Association of Children’s Friends, has spent six decades supporting a wide range of programmes managed by on-site individuals and organisations for the benefit of local communities in some of the world’s most underprivileged regions.

The annual conference was held on 31st March and was presided over by Caroline, Princess of Hanover who welcomed roughly 50 guests, partner associations, corporate sponsors and donors to discuss the previous years’ successes, difficulties and results, as well as to lay out a game plan for the upcoming year.

AMADE has created five complementary umbrella programs, namely Dignity for Women, A Civil Status for All, Energy of Hope, Capoeira for Peace and Unaccompanied Minors to achieve their goals, with projects that span needs perhaps unthought of in developed countries.

Dignity for Women, for example, gives menstrual hygiene access to women and girls, as well as offering medical and psychological assistance to those who have suffered sexual abuse or violence.

To highlight another project, with 237 million children under the age of five living without a birth certificate, and another 166 million not legally registered, A Civil Status for All works to ensure that these children do not fall between the cracks, being deprived of health care, education and basic services.

These kinds of ordinary yet necessary programmes make huge impacts on communities and allow progress where there was none.

The association also is big on philanthropy, and as such, the 60th anniversary meeting was capped off with a round table led by Fabio Vitale, Head of Wealth Planning and Impact Solutions at BNP Paribas Wealth Management, who presented the bank’s expertise in terms of individual philanthropy advice and the benefits of working with partners such as AMADE.

The first 60 years have made such a difference and they continue to look ahead at ways to “provide appropriate, local, effective and sustainable responses to the problems faced by people in their communities.”

To be part of the solutions, or for more info, visit the AMADE website on

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