Ambition Bio 2027: France’s plan to encourage more people to buy organic produce

Only 6% of French households regularly buy and consume organic produce, a statistic that the French government is hoping to change with its new Ambition Bio 2027 plan to stimulate demand and better support domestic producers.   

According to a report published in January 2024 by Bio Eco Actual, France’s organic farms and farmers are in crisis. Demand is falling, prices are soaring and though the public say they want to eat more organically produced foods, there is still a real disconnect between want and need.   


The French government is looking to reverse the negative trend and encourage the production and consumption of organic with its Ambition Bio 2027 plan.  

Officially launched on 24th April by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Marc Fesneau, Ambition Bio 2027 includes 27 different measures aimed at boosting consumer confidence, promoting the benefits of eating organic foods, stimulating demand and strengthening the market by supporting farmers and regional operations between now and 2027.   

According to Fesneau, the government is also hoping to achieve the objective of converting 18% of France’s farmland into organic agriculture by that deadline.  

The plan will play out in a variety of ways, from national information and communication campaigns to aid packages. In all, the government will be ploughing €90 million into the project in 2024, adding to the €104 million of financial support that the organic farming sector was allocated in 2023.   


For more information about the Ambition Bio 2027 plans, click here.   

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Photo source: Janko Ferlic, Unsplash