AMWC marks 20 years of anti-ageing congress

The Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC) is celebrating its 20th anniversary at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco, bringing together more than 8,000 participants in person and over 3,000 in the virtual realm.  

Since 2021, the AMWC has offered a hybrid format, both physical and digital, that allows it to bring together a large number of participants from all over the globe.

Held from Thursday 31st to Saturday 2nd April, the congress offers nine scientific programme rooms, uniting specialists in aesthetic medicine and surgery and anti-aging medicine.

The Aesthetic Multispecialty Society is the official scientific partner of the AMWC, a committee of internationally recognised experts from all specialties in the field of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine.

In marking 20 years of the AMWC congress, Dr Phillipe Kestemont notes that one of the biggest changes over the past two decades has been the rise of social networks and the impact this has had on medical aesthetics.

“Instagram stands out from the crowd by highlighting a person’s image and self, with or without a filter,” he says. “We are facing a selfie generation that is narcissistic and in search of role models and influencers who impose trends and create new standards of beauty. Aesthetic medicine is naturally taking on considerable importance in the management of that image.”

The downside, says Dr Phillipe Kestemont, is the emergence of fraudulent ‘cosmetologists’, those with no training or diplomas and whose unauthorised medical procedures can lead to serious consequences, from a simple allergy to skin necrosis.

‘The Good, the bad, the ugly – everything you need to know about fillers’ is part of the AMWC’s wide-ranging programme, as well topics such as ‘A deep dive into cellular ageing’.

The congress features a long list of participants including Bio Science, Vivacy and Skineuticals.

This year’s edition of the AMWC Aesthetic Awards will recognise the best clinical cases presented by international practitioners in 10 categories and the best products in 12 categories. The awards ceremony will be held Friday 1st April in the auditoriums of the Grimaldi Forum.



Photo source: AMWC