Anish Kapoor wins Futurum Award

Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor has been honoured with the Futurum Association’s Futurum Award for his work Sky Mirror, which sits majestically in Casino Square.

The Fairmont’s Gold Hall II was the scene for the gathering of the Futurum Association’s board of directors, with Prince Albert II as honorary president, to celebrate the 9th edition of the Futurum Awards.

The prize is offered to an artist who not only shows great creative skill, but who also appreciates the use of technologies to make the designs unique and special.

In the running were glass sculptor Dale Chihuly, photographer Marc Mawson and conceptual artist, Anish Kapoor. In the end, it was Mr Kapoor’s Sky Mirror, a polished steel disc reflecting the sky, fountain and the Casino of Monte-Carlo in its face that won the day.

Thought by many to be the world’s greatest living sculptor, Anish Kapoor is known for utilising diverse materials to create interesting and engaging shape and colour combinations.

The Futurum association’s goal is “to encourage and promote futuristic projects in all Arts, including Science (as an Art), at an international level, encouraging the participation of a young generation of artists and scientists, in all of the domains that affect everyday life.”