Another class sent home due to Covid

Amid a spate of students testing positive for Covid in various Monaco schools, another classroom, this time from Parc School, is facing a 10-day quarantine.   

A child from the moyenne section of Parc School tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday, the government said in a statement, adding to the growing list of establishments dealing with micro-outbreaks in the Principality.

The entire class of the infected student was sent home and, as a precautionary measure, were asked to quarantine for a 10-day period. This decision has been the government’s standard response to such incidents and is motivated by the fact that kindergarten aged children are not required to wear masks, nor are they subject to PCR tests.

The parents were made aware of the situation by the school’s administration and any staff who had been in contact with the children of this class will be given a PCR test, in accordance with the government’s health protocol.

It follows the closure of three other maternelle classrooms in recent days – two at Stella School and one at Fontvieille School, as well as one at the Riturnela creche.
Photo by Mairie de Monaco