Are you eligible for the 2023 energy cheque?

2023 energy

More than five million French households will automatically receive an energy voucher to help cover rising costs this spring. Read on to check if you are eligible.  

Starting 21st April, the French government began sending out cheques to help offset the high energy costs still plaguing many lower income households. The vouchers, which are awarded based on a means test, will help pay for electric, gas, fuel oil and even wood bills in some cases, as well as for specific energy projects in the home, such as the installation of a heat or geothermal pump.  

The calculations for eligibility are based on an individual’s Income Tax Reference Tax (RFR) as well as personal usage. Eligibility can be checked easily and conveniently by using a simulator put out by the Ministry of Ecological Transition.  

If you are eligible and still haven’t received a voucher by the end of June, there are two courses of action that can be taken. The first is an online form or you can call a dedicated hotline on 0805 204 805 from Monday to Friday and between 8am and 8pm.  

The cheque is not a direct cash payment to individuals, but rather a voucher used to directly pay participating energy suppliers. The voucher is credited directly onto a customer’s account or it can be pre-assigned to specific payees in advance either online or by ticking the pre-assignment box on the energy cheque before sending it to a supplier. 

If pre-allocation has been requested, reimbursement of the energy voucher will be sent directly to suppliers in April. 

The range of rebates is from €48 to €277 depending on household use and circumstances.   

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Photo source: Erik Mclean for Unsplash