Art and food meet at Le Pinocchio Restaurant exhibit

The legendary Le Pinocchio Restaurant in Monaco is hosting an experimental digital exhibition of the artwork of Houda Bakkali, whose aim is to find new ways to share creativity in times of Covid.
Artist Houda Bakkali is no stranger to the Monaco art scene. This is the third time the artist has had showings of her works, including a well-received run during the Fontvieille Contemporary Art Fair.
Now she has brought together works, old and new, for an exhibit at Le Pinocchio which will showcase her unique style. Her latest piece, entitled Crazy Heart, combines graphic depictions with an audio-visual element. Also on display is her 2008 series about Africa as well as the restaurant’s permanent installation Too many fish, too few loaves, which won the Graphis Silver Award in New York.
“At this very particular time that we live because of the pandemic, we must find new ways to continue sharing our creativity with the public,” said Bakkali. “My art is essentially digital, so this virtual presentation is a perfect option to bring the public closer to my creative process. In Monaco, I feel at home. It is a country that I love and being able to show my work in such an emblematic place as Le Pinocchio is a great honour. I am very grateful and happy for this opportunity.”
Bakkali, who lives in Barcelona, is reluctant to limit herself by saying she is simply an artist. She considers herself an “international visual artist” and creative director who has skill working with multimedia and interactive design projects. Her works have been widely displayed in Paris, Madrid, Cannes, Sanremo, New York, Barcelona, Córdoba, Biarritz, Lorc and Monaco.