Art Dubai concludes with glamourous Night at the Museum gala at the Cinar Museum

Part showcase and part gala celebration to mark the culmination of the Art Dubai 2024 event in early March, the Night at the Museum event at the Cinar Artistry and Luxury Carpet Museum combined glamour with history in a truly unique setting.  

Following Art Dubai, which took place between 1st and 3rd March, an exclusive group of guests were invited to toast the success of the event at a glamourous gala hosted by the Cinar Artistry and Luxury Carpet Museum. 

The Cinar brand, founded in Kayseri, Turkey in 1935, has long been known for being top purveyors of quality rugs and there were numerous beautiful and rare items for the VIP guests to admire. 

During the event, guests were taken on a trip through the history on display at the museum, which is home to several ancient and antique carpets including one from the Great Mosque in Istanbul that belonged to the Sultan Qaftan, the Cinar-made Fears and Desires carpet that is a portrayal of feminine longings and worries, and a blanket owned by France’s Emperor Napoleon. In addition, there is a facsimile of the world’s oldest rug, the Pazyryk Carpet, the original of which is in the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg. 

Guests at the event were treated to a tour of the museum and its beautiful exhibits. Photo supplied


The ground floor of the space also featured “anonymous and mysterious” pieces by avant-garde artist Elena Butko, which attendees were invited to appreciate before heading upstairs to view the rest of the galleries. 

A short film explaining the fascinating processes used in the creation of Cinar carpets was then screened ahead of live performances by violinist Ezci Turdu and soprano Emily Thorner.  

The Night at the Museum gala brought a splendid close to the Art Dubai event. Photo supplied

Among the guests invited to the soirée were: Sherif Thomas, the founder and CEO of The Fashion Factor; Samet Ozetci, CEO of Walther Kranz; Patrizia Marin, the president of the Marco Polo Experience Magazine; Alexandra Busheva, the Assistant Manager and Producer at Broadway Entertainment Group; and Ersoy Erkazanci, Bloomberg HT’s correspondent.


Monaco Life was among the sponsors of the evening’s festivities alongside Fashion Factor, Walther Kranz, Yoona AI Design, Elena Butko Avant Garde Art, Marco Polo Experience Magazine, Porterium Magazine, Visionnaire Moral Moda Magazine and Art & Hope. 

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