Art inspiring action: Philippe Pastor takes his message to St. Moritz

Monegasque artist Philippe Pastor has teamed up with the Princess Charlene Foundation and the Robilant + Voena Art Gallery for an exceptional exhibit, Bleu Pastor, that has taken the message of his latest environmental awareness-raising collection to the Alpine Swiss village of St. Moritz.  

Philippe Pastor has made a name for himself not only as a talented artist, but also as a staunch eco-warrior, and this new collaboration draws together works from two of his most powerful collections. 

15 pieces from the Bleu Monochrome series, each an exploration of the depths of the colour blue and employing carefully sourced raw pigments, are being showcased at St. Moritz’s Forum Paracelsus, which was once a healing and religious centre built over the area’s legendary mineral springs. 

The blue-hued artworks hint at the purity and fragility of the world’s oceans and will be displayed across three rooms, with one specifically dedicated to sea ice melt.

The exhibition features 15 pieces from Pastor’s Bleu Monochrome series. Photo credit: Robilant + Voena

Nearby, at the resort’s Survetta House, an installation of sculptures from Pastor’s now-famous Les Arbres Brûlés series – a collection that remembers the devastating forest fires that tore through Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur in 2003 – can be found. Five pieces from this series are also being displayed at the Forum Paracelsus site, adding dramatic effect to an already captivating show. 

The connection between the Princess Charlene Foundation and Pastor may not seem immediately apparent, but both are committed to action: the Foundation through its water safety and drowning prevention programmes that have potentially saved hundreds of lives, and the artist as a conduit between art and awareness of the environment and effecting positive change. 

The exhibition will run until 29th February. Click here for more information. 

To hear more about the exhibition from the artist himself, watch the video below:


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Photo credit: Robilant + Voena