Artcurial auction at Hermitage

The renowned art auction house Artcurial will be holding its winter auction this month at the Hermitage Hotel, featuring jewellery, watches and special limited edition pieces by Hermes.

Founded in Paris in 2002 by three well-respected auctioneers, Artcurial started as a multi-faceted auction house presenting the market with master’s classics, 20th century modern art and contemporary pieces from in-demand street artists, as well as high end commodities such as collector’s cars, jewellery, watches, fine wines and decorative art.

For three days in January, the Hermitage Hotel will be the site of the annual winter sale, with auctioneer François Tajan at the helm offering rare and beautiful watches, exquisite jewellery, and Hermes Winter Collection pieces.

Artcurial opened its doors in Monaco in 2015 and has become the go-to for confidential and complementary valuations, as well as their twice yearly summer and winter sales, offering luxury items accessible nowhere else, such as cars from Prince Rainier III’s personal car collection and sculptures by Philippe Hiquily.  

These Monaco and Parisian keystone venues, along with the brand new outlet in Marrakech, are at the heart of the house, with representatives based all over the world scouring the globe for the best and most interesting pieces going under the gavel for true art lovers and connoisseurs to obtain and enjoy, and this past year saw sales reaching over €200 million.

Artcurial saw 11 millionaire’s auctions in 2019, with 24 lots going for over €500,000, 82 acquired pieces that were bought by museums, and 34 record-breaking sales.

The auctions will be held 14th, 15th and 16th January.