Artificial Intelligence a hot topic at YPO’s ‘Future of Film’ event in Cannes

A ‘Future of Film’ event held in Cannes by the Monaco and French Riviera Chapters of the Young President’s Organisation (YPO) drew big names who spoke of what’s new in cinema, enduring trends, and the reality of technology.

Cinema touches people. Its enduring effects have left indelible marks on many, whether it is recalling a funny line from a favourite comedy or remembering a scene from a film that became a life-changing moment.

On 20th May during the Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco and French Riviera Chapters of the Young President’s Organisation (YPO), alongside YPO Sports and Entertainment Industry Network, hosted an event titled ‘The Future of Film’. It explored the impact of cinema on the world, as well as the resilience and flexibility of the film community.

It was held at the stunning private home of one of the YPO Monaco chapter members. Amongst the guests were Colin Burrows, producer of Cannes Uncut, a love letter to the Cannes Film Festival, BBC World News and CNN correspondent Sandro Monetti, who enchanted the audience with his latest film news straight from Hollywood, and actress and producer Valentina Castellani-Quinn, who gave a speech about films, social impact and change.

“Film conveys a message through visuals and emotions… people tend to believe in people before corporations, political parties, and organisations. It is at the human level that we connect the most,” said Valentina Castellani-Quinn.

The night was certainly glamorous, with opulent sea views, delicious canapes and an exquisite dinner, but it also had a serious side. The panel discussion featured industry insiders from behind and in front of the camera who spoke of where the industry is heading as well as the advances being made that will ensure the survival of cinema.

“Can you possibly envision AI writing Good Will Hunting?”

One interesting topic that came up was the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in film, and the worries surrounding this technology.

Said Castellani-Quinn during her talk, “Many are concerned of AI replacing human intelligence, but can you imagine AI writing The Old Man and the Sea? Can you possibly envision AI writing Good Will Hunting? The truth is that now more than ever our human consciousness, our evolved awareness, can play a crucial role in society through storytelling and film making.

“Emotional intelligence is the most valued tool in a changing, fragile society that desperately needs the re-asserting of ethical values and human connection. Storytelling – a film – can inspire and educate humanity, reminding and renewing the awareness of who we really are and where we come from.”

All-in-all, the evening was considered a great success. Even rain couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of attendees. As the popular phrase goes, the show must go on, and in Cannes, it did indeed.


Photo from left to right: Colin Burrows, Francis Hellyer, Valentina Castellani-Quinn, Sandro Monetti.


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