Artist Jane Gemayel takes inspiration from Rodin for new gallery exhibit

jane gemayel

Monaco-resident artist Jane Gemayel’s latest collection hosted by the Adriano Ribolzi Gallery draws on inspiration from Rodin’s famous sculptures. 

Called Au coeur d’un regard, Gemayel’s series of paintings and drawings embody the spirit of themes that have long been dear to her, such as femininity, love, hope and solidarity. But they are overlain with history and draw on French sculpturer Auguste Rodin as inspiration.  

This collection embraces the complexity of humanity through dramatic colour, shapes and lines, creating an emotive and evocative scenario, whilst paying homage to Rodin’s attention to detail and masterful expressions of the human form.  

It has been described as the “next step” in Gemayel’s artistic journey.  

Au coeur d’un regard offers visitors an immersion in Jane Gemayel’s poetry, in the softness of her gaze,” says the gallery’s curators. “The series promises to amaze the public with its captivating representations and unique interpretation of femininity and beauty.” 

Canadian Gemayel’s work is in great demand after her successful summer 2022 show at the Galerie Bosi in Rome. She was also featured at the Expo 2020 in Dubai, where her fluid and exciting pieces were attention-grabbing to a worldwide audience at the Monegasque Pavilion.  

Au coeur d’un regard will run until 23rd September at the Adriano Ribolzi Gallery on Avenue de l’Hermitage in Monaco.  


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Photo supplied by Jane Gemayel