AS Monaco gears up for high-stakes game against ASVEL: insights from Alpha Diallo and coach Sasa Obradovic

In the pulsating world of EuroLeague basketball, the local game between AS Monaco and LDLC ASVEL Villeurbanne is more than just a game – it’s a clash of strategies, skills, and ambitions. As Monaco prepares to host ASVEL in what promises to be a riveting encounter, key insights from player Alpha Diallo and Coach Sasa Obradovic offer a glimpse into the team’s mindset and game plan.

On Thursday, Alpha Diallo, known for his defensive skills, shared his thoughts on the upcoming game with Monaco Life. “For me, defensively, it’s like a personal challenge,” he said, emphasising his commitment to making every shot tough for his opponent. Diallo’s performance in the previous Euroleague game, against Olimpia Milan, with two steals, underlines his strategy of exploiting the opponent’s weaknesses – a vital component of Monaco’s defence.

When asked about disrupting ASVEL’s ball handlers, Diallo highlighted the importance of understanding the opposition. “Knowing the scouting report, knowing who the other players are, what they do… the more you can hone in on their weaknesses, the better you will be at guarding your person,” he explained to Monaco Life.

Diallo also shed light on the team’s strategy against ASVEL, noting their rebounding strength. “The strategy would be to box out and rebound. I think that’s the big key to winning tomorrow’s game,” he said, pinpointing a crucial aspect of Monaco’s game plan.

The game carries significant weight for both teams, especially for AS Monaco, looking to extend its winning streak. “We are excited to continue our winning streak of course, and we are home. I am happy to be playing home again in front of our fans,” Diallo expressed.

AS Monaco Basketball Coach Sasa Obradovic. Photo by Monaco Life

Coach Sasa Obradovic’s perspective on balancing confidence and strategy

Coach Sasa Obradovic also shared his thoughts, emphasising the need for confidence yet caution. “You have to have some sort of confidence on the wins, never be relaxed,” he said, while anticipating a tough game against ASVEL’s new approach under a new coach. Regarding the roster for the upcoming game, he remained discreet, noting that it would be a game day decision.

High-stakes showdown

This game on Friday is not just another game on the calendar, it’s a showcase of talent and tactics, with AS Monaco led by Mike James going up against ASVEL’s Nando De Colo, both among the four players to have reached 4,000 points in EuroLeague. The home game is scheduled for 10th November 10 at 9pm at Salle Gaston Medecine.

In this high-stakes match-up, the skills of players like AS Monaco’s Alpha Diallo and ASVEL’s Charles Kahudi will be crucial. This French League game is set to be a thrilling encounter in the EuroLeague saga.

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Main photo of Alpha Diallo by Monaco Life