AS Monaco mobilise on World Blood Donor Day

AS Monaco CEO Ben Lambrecht giving blood

AS Monaco and Monaco’s government answered the call to arms for World Blood Donor Day, which saw more than 20 members of the club donate. 

Over 5,000 blood donations are needed every year in order to transfuse patients in the Principality’s hospitals, and AS Monaco fulfilled their responsibility on Wednesday 14th June, World Blood Donor Day, to help the cause at the Princess Grace Hospital.

For the second consecutive year, the Principality club contributed to the efforts, with the club’s CEO, Ben Lambrecht, as well as Academy Director Sébasiten Muet amongst those to give blood. Their donation has helped the hospital reach the symbolic milestone of 1,000 bags of blood this year.

Monaco providing a necessary push

“It is important for us to contribute to this cause alongside all the other local actors who have been mobilised. Giving blood is vital for many people, and that is why we wish to maintain our long-term commitment and use our influence positively to make people aware and commit our stakeholders to this cause,” said Lambrecht.

As revealed by Doctor Mélanie Rinaudo, AS Monaco’s intervention is necessary and crucial. The hospital needs 5,000 bags of blood a year, but often only fills 2,000. The remaining 3,000 are imported from France.

“Our role is to, through this act of solidarity, inform people who live and work in Monaco. Thank you to the club for their precious support,” said Rinaudo.

Christophe Robino giving blood at the Princess Grace Hospital. Photo source: Monaco Communications Department

In what is a crucial day in the calendar for the Princesse Grace Hospital, the Government of Monaco also lent its support and blood. Christophe Robino, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, was one of many donors on Wednesday.

“Blood is life. Giving blood is an altruistic, civic and united process that should be encouraged,” said Robino.

His efforts, as well as those of his fellow ministers and the Principality’s football club, will all contribute to reducing that deficit between output and demand.


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Photo by AS Monaco