AS Monaco Rugby to host charity challenge event

It’s been announced that the third edition of the Supportive Rugby Challenge will take place at the Stade Prince Hereditaire Jacques on 30th April. Here are the details.

The event will see children and businesses take part in a series of short rugby circuits, with the proceeds raised going towards the Les enfants de Frankie and 3 Petits Pas pour Jade charities.

The former was founded in 1997 and supports sick, disabled or disadvantaged children in the Monaco and wider PACA region, working with hospitals and social services in order to do so. 3 Petits Pas pour Jade is an organisation set up to help Jade, a young girl who suffers from a rare genetic illness called SYNGAP1. The money raised will help fund her development of motor and cognitive abilities, which unfortunately are not funded by social organisations.

The course will be accessible to all and will be based on the main principles of Rugby. The more laps done on each course in under 20 minutes will increase the amount of funds raised.

Businesses can also get involved by signing up for 150€ for a team of five, or 300€ for a team of 10, for each lap completed they must also contribute a minimum of 25€. For that price, participants will also receive a Rugby Challenge Solidaire t-shirt, a warm-up organised by AS Monaco Rugby’s fitness trainer, a pre-match chat with the organisers, a yoga session and a cocktail for the whole team.

The event will not only raise funds for charitable causes, but will also raise awareness of topics such as eco-citizenship, doping in sport and first aid in a handful of workshops that will be on-site.

It is possible to sign up by contacting AS Monaco rugby in the following ways:


Phone: +33 6 86 53 18 97