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Asian artists to be exhibited in ‘The Art of Matter’ at Opera...

Asian artists to be exhibited in ‘The Art of Matter’ at Opera Gallery

By Staff Writer - May 3, 2018

Hwang Ran, Healing Blossoms. Photo: Courtesy of artist and Opera Gallery
Hwang Ran, Healing Blossoms. Photo: Courtesy of artist and Opera Gallery

Opera Gallery Monaco is presenting The Art of Matter, a curated group exhibition featuring six Korean and one Chinese artist, starting on May 18.

“Each artist has rigorously pushed and developed their experimentation of matter to the aesthetic and technical limits enabling them to idiosyncratically render before us their unique vision of the world,” the gallery says.

Some of the artists, Yoo Bong Sang, Lee Gil Rae, Hwang Ran, Son Bong-Chae and Seo Young-Deok, employ a figurative approach, whereas others – Cho Sung-Hee and Zhuang Hong Yi – create more meditative abstract artworks.

“Asia has firmly established itself as an important incubator for the international art world over the last few decades,” the gallery adds. “Asian art is also a field where Opera Gallery has dedicated particular energy, focus and expertise in order to best represent the exciting diversity and vitality of this energetic continent.

“What transpires through this selection is not just a superficial snapshot of Asian rooted themes promoted through these artworks but a broader reflection of the evolution of creative materiality itself through the sophisticated and alchemical handling of media.”

Contemporary artworks created by Asian artists are greatly influenced by both Eastern and Western art traditions, techniques and discourse, and most of the artists exhibiting in Monaco have studied or live abroad. An illustrated catalogue will be available at the gallery.

The Art of Matter at 1 ave Henri Dunant, Palais de la Scala, runs until June 8.


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