ASM boutique signs up to reduce environmental impact

The AS Monaco football club boutique and jersey provider Kappa have become members of the government’s environmental label, a move that comes with some serious commitments to the environment.

In aligning themselves with the governmental initiative, AS Monaco have committed to reducing their plastic usage, limiting their energy consumption as well as their greenhouse gas emissions, developing alternative sources of energy, recycling and a policy of responsible supply.

The partnership was made official recently during a presentation at AS Monaco’s official boutique, which featured the government’s Environmental Manager Valérie Davenet, AS Monaco’s Commercial Director Tyson Henly and Kappa’s Retail Manager Laurent Loutz.

Sustainable development is one of the primary focuses of Prince Albert II’s government, and AS Monaco’s commitment to the certification label now means that 100 professionals have now joined the programme.

As a member, AS Monaco will be personally accompanied to perfect and adopt environmental practices, and is committed to putting in place at least one eco-responsible practice at the boutique each year.

Prior to this partnership, Kappa and AS Monaco had already put in place a number of eco-friendly practices, such as decreasing the use of non-recyclable materials, whilst also manufacturing products in Europe so as to decrease their carbon footprint.

Beyond the boutique, AS Monaco, as an institution, has also adopted many other eco-friendly initiatives. Most recently, the club developed the MuneGo application, which promotes car-sharing for home and away games, providing a means of attending games throughout France whilst decreasing the environmental impact that such trips ordinarily have.

Nevertheless, the boutique, the club itself and the kit provider all endeavour to do more, and their commitment to the government’s certification label is a concrete manifestation of those efforts to continue to adopt environmentally-friendly practices at a time where eco-politics has never been so important.