ASM team train in isolation

Training for AS Monaco football team was formally suspended last week, so the players are now on individual training schedules to ensure they are fighting fit when play resumes.
The La Turbie training centre is shut until the coronavirus threat passes, but players for the Red and Whites are still working hard. Last week, each player came to the centre to collect their personalised training regimen along with a plethora of equipment to take home with them.
The team’s technical and medical staff put together programmes to fit the requirements of every player, and in lieu of collective training have created a next-best-thing scenario to keep the team ready for action when the time comes.
The players were able to borrow bikes, kettle balls, mats and even heart rate monitors. There is also an app that tracks the content of the sessions.
“We have provided all of the players with equipment to meet their needs. Many players have taken bikes and machines from the Training Centre to be able to work at home,” explained physical trainer Juanjo Del Ojo.

The objective is to keep the players at peak physical fitness whilst upholding a level of uniformity, which is essential for a team. The training sessions are split into three main arenas: cardio, strength training and preventative work.
“We worked on the form of challenges,” Del Ojo said. “Each day, work is associated with a goal and each goal achieved earns points. The players are motivated because they want to win, it’s a good formula to maintain their conditioning. The players have reacted very well.”
The measures were taken to adapt to the current situation, and the team’s doctor and trainer have been in constant contact with players to answer questions and assist in training.
“For me, the most important thing is to have the players active, respecting the constraints imposed by the government of course,” said Del Ojo. “The players are very professional and have quickly understood the requirements. We are also vigilant about how they are managing the situation. It is for this reason that Marc, our psychologist, is in contact with the players to meet their needs. It’s a unique moment. Obviously, we would prefer to be all together at La Turbie, in our facilities. It’s a challenge that we will have to adapt to, but I’m happy with the momentum that we have created and the involvement of all the players and club staff. Everyone is helping to minimise the effects of this situation.”