Authorities warn of new email scam doing rounds

Monaco residents are being warned about a surge in email scams flooding their inboxes. The emails, originating from various sources and often slipping past spam filters, are part of a sophisticated phishing campaign aimed at deceiving unsuspecting victims.

According to authorities, the malicious emails are clumsily composed, claiming recipients are implicated in legal proceedings and urging them to open attached PDF documents. The fraudulent summons alleges involvement in “criminal charges related to sexual misconduct,” adding a sense of urgency and intimidation to the message.

Monaco’s government has issued a series of guidelines to help residents identify and avoid falling victim to these scams. Recipients are advised against responding to the sender, refraining from opening any attached documents, and promptly reporting suspicious emails to Additionally, citizens are encouraged to mark such emails as spam and delete them permanently to prevent any further interaction.

Officials emphasise that no legitimate institution in Monaco communicates such matters via email. Government services exclusively use email addresses ending with and recipients should verify the sender’s email address carefully for authenticity.

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Photo source: Monaco Government