BAC results confirm Monaco’s commitment to education

The government has released the results of this year’s baccalaureate and according to figures from the first round of exams, high school students have achieved a very high standard.

Overall in the Principality, there was a pass rate of 96.8%, with 321 mentions out of 435 candidates, including 75 mentions “TB” / 18% of graduates, 123 mentions “B” / 29.2%, and 123 mentions “AB”, or 29.2%.

For the general exams, 96% of pupils from the Lycées Albert 1er and François d’Assise – Nicolas Barré passed. Of the 276 candidates, 265 obtained a bachelor’s degree, 206 of which include: 67 mentions “TB”, or 25.3% of the graduates of this series; 73 mentions “B”, or 27.5%; 66 mentions “AB”, or 25.3%.

In the area of technology, 68 of the 69 candidates from Lycée Albert 1er and the Lycée Technologique et Hôtelier de Monaco passed their exams, 48 ​​of which were mentions: 22 mentions “B” (32% of graduates) and 26 mentions “AB” (38% of graduates).

Meanwhile, in the professional series, 97.8% of students in the hotel, industrial and tertiary sectors also passed their exam: 88 bachelors out of the 90 candidates with 67 mentions, of which there were 8 mentions “TB”, or 9.1% of the graduates of this series; 28 mentions “B”, or 31.8%; 31 “AB” mentions, or 35.2%.

BTS students from the Principality also achieved excellent results with an overall success rate of 95.8%. There was a 100% success for the 24 candidates of the Lycée Albert 1er at BTS Assistant Manager and Accounting Management, and 91.7% success for students of the BTS Hôtellerie et Restauration of the Lycée Technique et Hôtelier de Monaco.

“These performances bear witness to the remarkable commitment of the entire educational community of the public and private secondary schools under contract of the Principality in the daily teaching work it conducts with students,” said the government in a press statement.

“This success, which is a credit to the Principality, is also the result of the full mobilisation of the National Education, Youth and Sports Department to maintain the excellence of the Principality’s school system.

The Prince’s Government warmly congratulates the lucky achievers. He sincerely thanks all those who, in their respective missions, have fully contributed to the success of Monaco’s students.”